Pokemon Selection

You can only carry 6 Pokemon on you at any time. Which 6 would you choose? Of course i love fire types, but it would be unwise to just carry one type of Pokemon. Here is my battle selection (excluding legendaries and pokemon like Mewtwo etc):

1. Absol:

Absol is a dark-type pokemon. It lives in mountain regions; and is able to detect when natural disasters will occur. 1.2 m in height and 47 kg in weight. The catch rate for Absol is 3.9%.









2. Samurott:

Samurott is a water-type pokemon. Its forelimbs’ bracers are actually swords called seamitars. When in battle, Samurott can stand on its hind legs and use one of its blades as a sword to fight. 1.5 m in height and 94.6 kg in weight. The catch rate for Samurott is 5.9%.









3. Torterra:

Torterra is a duel-type grass/ground pokemon. Torterra’s large and clean shell supports the lives of many small Pokémon, which occasionally gather and build their nests upon the shell. 2.2 m in height and 310 kg in weight. The catch rate for Torterra is 5.9%.








4. Machamp:

Machamp is a fighting-type pokemon. Machamp punches extremely fast, throwing five hundred punches a second. With only one hand, it can move a mountain. 1.6 m in height and 130 kg in weight. The catch rate for Machamp is 5.9%.








5. Galvantula:

Galvantula is a duel-type bug/electric pokemon.  Galvantula in particular likes to use electrically charged silk to ensnare prey. The electricity stuns the victim, allowing Galvantula to consume the target at its leisure. 0.8 m in height and 14.3 kg in weight. The catch rate for Galvantula is 9.8%.








6. Charizard:

Charizard is a duel-type fire/flying pokemon. This Pokémon flies in search of powerful opponents to battle, and its fire will burn hotter as it gains experience. 1.7 m in height and 90.5 kg in weight. The catch rate for Charizard is 5.9%.







Which 6 Pokemon will you choose to defeat me in battle (assuming i battle in the same order listed above)?

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